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Strength & Conditioning

+Functional Workouts +Personal Training +High Intensity Interval Training +Group Fitness Classes +Original Performance Apparel

Level up with Seismic Workouts today and reach new heights!


Your Coach

Brock Wellicome is the founder of Seismic Strength & Conditioning and lives in Surrey BC, (Canada).  He is a high level Certified BCRPA Personal Trainer, Group Fitness Instructor , Weight Trainer and Fitness Theorist.  Specializing in Functional Training, Brock utilizes his passion and knowledge to help ANYONE  reach their goals and become the best version of themselves!

Brock is currently training clients in a well equipped studio Gym located in Cloverdale, Surrey and also online sessions from around the globe!


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One on One Personal Training specifically programmed for your individual goals. Build confidence and knowledge with every session. Education you can apply to your persona...
SEISMIC Personal Training
1 hr
Functional exercise movements, Seismic High intensity workouts. Build Muscle, Burn Fat, define your Core, Drastically Improve your Cardiovascular Levels, lock in your bal...
SEISMIC HIIT Circuit Class
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